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My latest and greatest stencil designs!
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Simple Scroll Arch stencil Simple Scroll Frieze stencil Sketched Acanthus Corner stencil
Simple Scroll Arch
Price: $19.95
Use this arch over a doorway. This frieze coordinates with the Simple Scroll Arch. A wonderful sketched corner for a shabby chic room.
The Hands of God and Adam sketch stencil Greek Key Border stencil Azulejos Portuguese Tile Panel stencil
Greek Key Border
Price: $29.95
The famous Hands can now be painted on your wall using our sketch patterns. A classic border for all surfaces which comes in 3 sizes. A fabulous intricate sketch pattern for creating a Portuguese Tile mural.
Zen Thoughts stencil Anemone stencil Simple Boardman Corner stencil
Zen Thoughts
Price: $19.95
Price: $189.95
Peaceful words to live by. A new concept in art stencils, photo realism. This corner stencil comes in 3 sizes and is cut from a single sheet of mylar.
Detailed Boardman Corner stencil Boardman Medallion stencil Boardman Border stencil
Boardman Medallion
Price: $34.95
Boardman Border
Price: $19.95
This corner stencil comes in 3 sizes and It is cut from a single sheet of mylar. This lovely medallion stencil comes in three sizes and is cut from a single sheet of mylar. A coordinating border for the Boardman collection.
Boardman Detailed Damask stencil Chandelier stencil Pont Neuf Circle Stencil
Price: $129.95
Pont Neuf Circle
Price: $29.95
This all-over repeat is part of the Boardman collection, A chandelier silhouette for your modern home. A perfect decorative circle for a table top. 3 sizes
Bedlington Medallion Stencil Peacock stencil tile pattern
Price: $99.95
This medallion was derived from some historic stenciling in a mansion on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It comes in 3 sizes. A beautiful peacock for your garden mural. An authentic vintage tile pattern for real or faux tiles. Comes in 3 sizes
Lisbon Panel Frieze stencil Pont Neuf Border stencil Sweet Dreams stencil
Lisbon Panel Frieze
Price: $29.95
Pont Neuf Border
Price: $29.95
Sweet Dreams
Price: $19.95
A beautiful design from the art of Portugal. A delicate scroll border. Words to sleep by!
Faux Tile table top stencil set Bizzy Buzzin' stencil Papyrus alphabet stencil
Pont Neuf Table Top
Price: $79.95
Bizzy Buzzin'
Price: $19.95
Papyrus Lettering
Price: $49.95
A beautiful collection of stencils to create a table top. 3 sizes. A darling little border for baby's room. A stylish lettering stencil for quotes and sayings.
Canterbury Corner stencil Canterbury Medallion stencil Checkered op art stencil
Canterbury Corner
Price: $34.95
Op Pop
Price: $34.95
An elegant corner for ceilings or floors in 3 sizes. An ornate medallion in 3 sizes. Optically artistic, this design pops right out at you!
Chinese fish panel stencil stylized circle stencils Art Nouveau Poppies stencil
Chinese Fish Panel
Price: $159.95
Price: $89.95
Art Nouveau Poppies
Price: $34.95
An amazingly intricate stencil derived form an antique papercut. 4 ornate circle motifs to use on walls or projects.  Single sheets A graceful Art Nouveau border in 3 sizes
Art Nouveau lilly stencil Art Nouveau Wisteria Medallion stencil art Nouveau headboard stencil
A lovely Art Nouveau Border stencil in 3 sizes. A lovely Art Nouveau Wisteria Medallion in 3 sizes A stylish design for a wall treatment above a bed.
Giant Rose Cane stencil Art Nouveau vine stencil whirly Gig Border stencil
Giant Rose Canes
Price: $29.95
Art Nouveau Vine
Price: $49.95
Whirly Gig Frieze
Price: $29.95
Great oversized rose stalks for a dramatic effect. A graphic Art Nouveau stencil for a modern home. A curly fun border for any room.
Whirly Gig wallpaper stencil Whirly Gig wallpaper stencil Craftsman Topiary Stencil
Whirly Gig Damask
Price: $39.95
This fun damask is great for kids rooms. A fun curly damask stencil for a modern room. A classic Craftsman design in 3 sizes.
Belvedere Damask Stencil Beaded curtain stencil William Morris Carnations and Roses all over print
Belvedere Damask
Price: $89.95
Mumbai Bead Curtain
Price: $59.95
This is a beautifully ornate damask stencil. Mubai Bead Curtain stencil A lovely rendition of a William Morris wallpaper print.
Oxford medallion stencil 70's vw beetle stencil Classic Windsor motif
Oxford Medallion
Price: $49.95
List Price: $29.95
Price: $29.95
Windsor Motif
Price: $19.95
A companion medallion for the Oxford Collection Lovebug 1970's VW Beetle stencil A classical motif for walls, furntiure, fabrics, and crafts.
Dorsett Centerpiece Stencil Crown Stencil Barcelona Tile Repeat Stencil
Dorsett Centerpiece
Price: $59.95
Price: $19.95
Dorsett Centerpiece Stencil A regal crown stencil in 3 sizes. This intricate repeat was derived from tiles on a floor in Barcelona. It has 2 overlays and the repeat is 15" square.  The round motif is 15" in diameter and the other motif is 8" point to point.
Psychedelic Heart Stencil Greek key stencil Quilt flower pattern stencil
Psychedelic Heart
Price: $24.95
Quilt Flower Repeat
Price: $12.95
This groovy heart is perfect for that teen hangout or for pillows. This single overlay Greek Key stencil creates a one color design. Classic quilt pattern for small projects.
Carmichael Damask Stencil Corded Diamond Repeat Stencil MIniature Alhambra Damask Stencil
Carmichael Damask
Price: $89.95
A lovely intricate Damask in 2 sizes. A diamond repeat that looks like cording, comes in 3 sizes. A tiny damask for craft projects.
Graphic Flower Repeat stencil Venetian Arch stencil sputnik mid century modern stencil
Venetian Arch
Price: $59.95
Sputnik 1
Price: $19.95
This graphic design is great for a focal wall. This stylish arch design can be customized to fit your archway. Mid Century Modern stencil motif in 4 sizes for walls and projects.
sputnik mid century modern stencil Sputnik Bomerang wallpaper repeat stencil Venetian Motif stencil
Sputnik 2
Price: $19.95
Venetian Motif
Price: $19.95
Mid Century Modern stencil motif in 4 sizes for walls and projects. Great Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper design in 3 sizes. A classical motif in 3 sizes.